Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacation Pics!

Wow, I am behind on my blogging!!! There are so many things I need to post on here, I am unsure where to begin... I suppose, though, for now I will simply put up some pics of our family vacation to Gatlinburg from the beginning of June (I told you I was behind!).

Because blogger gets bogged down when I try to post a bunch of pics on here, I will merely most the highlights of the trip, and the rest of the album, I will post to my Facebook. :o)

Wonderworks, a Science Museum. It was VERY fun!

Jay & R enjoying an earthquake simulator. :o)

Jay being his goofy self in the hurricane simulator. :o)

Jay being a dork again, making himself a giant cyclops on the split video screen. :o)

The kids, rock climbing. They did pretty good, considering they were wearing flip flops! :o)

Being goofy on the Gatlinburg shopping strip...

Believe it or not... this was H's first experience eating an Oreo cookie. I think she liked it! :o)

We tried to find the World's First Chick Fil 'A Restaurant (affectionately called "Dwarf House")... We ended up finding the World's SECOND Chick Fil 'A Restaurant. Oh well... It was still a fun experience! They had servers, and menus, etc. But it was so weird to order it that way! :o)

Here are some pics of the hotel room we were in... It was magnificent! :o)

The Living Room...

The Dining Room/Kitchen...

The kids in the jacuzzi... they LOVED it! (obviously) :o)...

There were 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and even a laundry room, too! It was a very nice room... and a VERY nice vacation! We sure needed it! :o)