Saturday, October 9, 2010

Free Books!

My husband LOVES to read.  So, when he learned that there was a way to get FREE books, he jumped at the chance!

He discovered a website called Book Sneeze (  It is a website dedicated to promoting Christian literature.  Once you sign up and join, they will send you a free book, in exchange for an agreement from you to write a 200-word review on your blog after you've finished reading it.  When you publish the review on your blog, they'll send you another book to read and review... FREE!

So, if you start seeing random book reviews on my blog, don't worry.  It's just my husband... doing what he can to get another free book to read.  :o)

Make sure you check out Book Sneeze and see if there's a book available on the website that you would be interested in reading... for FREE!   :o)