Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baking Bread

Making bread from scratch is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.  I recently found a wonderful website that is dedicated to teaching young girls to become successful homemakers.  One of the lessons on the site was bread making.  And, since my littles are finally feeling better from their sicknesses, I thought this snowy day was as good as any for us to try it.  :o)

H probably had the most fun.  For a girl who loves being clean, she sure did love getting messy!  :o)

Kneading their own dough balls.  Notice little H with her face covered in flour.  :o)

All done rolling and shaping.  Now, for the baking!  :o)

Both loaves cooling.  We are so anxious to see how they taste!

The girls decided to baste their loaf with milk first.  It gave it a very nice color.  And very moist!

B chose to leave his loaf just the way the recipe called for.  The crust didn't turn out as golden as the girls' did, but it was still very moist and delicious.

The best part was getting to eat our tasty creations!  :o)

We had a really fun time together. Sure, it made a terrible mess in my freshly cleaned kitchen. But, the memories we made, and those flour-covered smiles are better than the cleanest kitchen in the world.  We will definitely be experimenting with more bread recipes very soon!  :o)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Happy Sick Birthday

My sweet little H is turning 4 years old today.  She has been counting down the days for several weeks now.  She has been so excited waiting for this day to come.  And now, she is sick in bed with a terribly bad case of bronchitis.  All she wants to do is sleep.  She keeps asking if she is allowed to go to bed early!  (This never happens, by the way).  And, she is too sick to eat, so we aren't even going to make her birthday cake or have a party until she feels better.

We've tried to make the best of this terribly sad situation.  She gets to stay in bed all day (her choice, not ours), and watch as many movies as she wants.  :o)

Even as sick as she is, she tries to be a happy girl.  :o)

You can see on her face that she doesn't feel very well, though.  Poor little thing has no energy.  :o(

She tried to join the rest of the family for a while, but after a few minutes, she ran out of energy and completely zonked out. 

Sweet baby girl.  We will celebrate your birthday when you are feeling much better!
We love you!