Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Greatest Joy

Each week in Sunday School, Jay assigns the class a verse of Scripture to memorize and recite the following week. Our children are no exception. Since we are a family integrated church, our children are with us in Sunday School class. And, yes, we fully expect them to learn the verses as well. They do amazingly well with this (ah, the blessings that come with having a young mind). :o)

Here are the kids reciting some of the verses they have learned in recent weeks...

B: Reciting Romans 12:1-2

H: Reciting Genesis 1:1 as well as Psalm 19:1 (She managed to remember these verses, even though she had been sick all weekend! Poor, sweet girl).

R: Reciting Philippian 4:8

I am so proud of my little Scripture memorizers! They bring me such joy.