Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dinosaur World

I have been so busy lately! I have barely had time to keep my house in order, let alone post to my blog! But, since I really need to start working on it... here is some pics from one of our recent family adventures.

We took a trip to Dinosaur World one Saturday. Jay and I are always a bit wary of allowing the children to see information about dinosaurs without us being present to provide them with correct information. As Young Earth creationists, it is very important to us that our children are always taught about dinosaurs from a biblical perspective.

This trip to Dinosaur World proved our point. Evolutionist theories surrounded every piece of information given about the statues we saw. Thankfully, however, the children are trained enough to catch on whenever they see the words "millions of years". Once we got over those obstacles, we were free to enjoy seeing the statues and the rest of the park.

Here is a picture of the kids (nervously) putting their hands into some holes to try to determine which dinosaur can be found inside.

Here, everyone seems to be terrified of the giant, hungry-looking T-Rex.

One of the fun things the children got to do was dig for their own fossils. Believe it or not, they got to take home three REAL fossils from whatever they found at the dig. Mostly, they found old sharks teeth and fossilized sea shells. But, there were also some sauropod bones as well!

Probably the favorite part for the kids was unearthing a dinosaur.
They all took their "jobs" very seriously... especially R.

At the end, when they were done looking at the statues, the kids decided to play on the playground inside the park. Jay told them that if they could climb all the way across the high net, he would buy them an ice cream.

As you can see from the picture, R was determined to get across the thing. B, on the other hand, was a little less enthusiastic... (and, yes, we did end up getting them both an ice cream).

It was scorchingly hot outside and we were sweating like crazy, but the kids really seemed to have a good time. All in all, it was a really good day. :o)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Sweet Faith of a Child

My sweet son, B. He is so precious. His sweet, child-like faith is so innocent and free. I love watching him as he learns new things about the Lord and our faith.

We had been discussing during our family Bible times that we, as Christians, are to strive to obey the Lord in all things, and to follow Him everywhere that He leads us, even if it is to a place we aren't sure we are going to like (we always want our children to understand this fact, since being in the ministry can - and has - taken us to many different places all across the country).

So B and I have this conversation while we are stopped at a traffic light in our van:

B: Hey, mom! Guess what?

Me: What?

B: God is right here.

Me: He is? How do you know?

B: Because we just stopped at the red light.

Me: ???

B: Well, we follow God everywhere, right? So He has to be at this light. And since He stopped here, then we stopped.

Okay, yes, we have a way to go before B has a real understanding of spiritual things. But, wow. What a sweet expression of his innocent, child-like faith.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Big Birthday Boy

My dearest B.J.R.,

Today is your birthday. You are now five years old! I can hardly believe it! You are growing up so fast!

I remember the day you were born. Daddy and I decided not to find out if you were a boy or a girl, so we were waiting with anticipation for you to come out and see for ourselves. We didn't have to wait long. You came faster than any of the other kids. You were born within 20 minutes!!! That is really fast! You came so quickly that I didn't have time to get any pain medication. But, you also came so fast that I almost didn't need any pain medication! ha ha. :o)

When you came out of my tummy, you started crying and crying! You did not like all those doctors and nurses wiping you and messing with you. But, then they said, "It's a boy!", and laid you on my chest. I started to talk to you, telling you how happy I was to finally see you. And immediately, you stopped crying and looked straight into my eyes and just stared at me for the longest time. I fell instantly in love with you, and we bonded right away.

And you were the easiest baby in the whole world! You hardly ever fussed, and when you did, it didn't take much for you to stop. All I had to do was lay you down in your bed and you would go to sleep for the whole night! You do the same thing today. You sure do love your sleep! You are my early bird, and you are always so happy in the morning.

And you are such a joy to raise. You are a very sweet boy. You are kind to everyone you meet. You make lots of friends and everyone likes you. Anyone who has spent any time with you always comes up to me to tell me how much they love you. You are a very good boy! And so funny! You really take after your daddy in the humor department. I get such a kick out of you when you get in your "Preacher Man B" mode. You love to entertain, and you sure do love a captive audience! :o)

You are very smart, too. You are already learning to read, and you are very good at it! You love to do school work, and ask me if you can do more when you get done with the assignments I give you. I think you are going to do really great in Kindergarten next year.

My prayer for you as you turn a year older is that you will continue to have a kind heart and love for others. I pray that you will grow in your faith, knowledge and love of the Word of God. You have such a sweet and gentle spirit, and I pray that as you grow older you do not grow out of that. That is a very good quality to have! I hope that your prayers to the Lord will stay just as sweet and personal as they are now, and that your relationship with the Lord will continue to grow and mature as you do.

I love you so very, very much, my wonderfully sweet little boy. I hope you had a very happy birthday. And I pray the Lord allows us to have many more to celebrate with you in the years to come.

God's blessings be upon you, my son.

Love you always,
Mommy <><