Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Sweet Faith of a Child

My sweet son, B. He is so precious. His sweet, child-like faith is so innocent and free. I love watching him as he learns new things about the Lord and our faith.

We had been discussing during our family Bible times that we, as Christians, are to strive to obey the Lord in all things, and to follow Him everywhere that He leads us, even if it is to a place we aren't sure we are going to like (we always want our children to understand this fact, since being in the ministry can - and has - taken us to many different places all across the country).

So B and I have this conversation while we are stopped at a traffic light in our van:

B: Hey, mom! Guess what?

Me: What?

B: God is right here.

Me: He is? How do you know?

B: Because we just stopped at the red light.

Me: ???

B: Well, we follow God everywhere, right? So He has to be at this light. And since He stopped here, then we stopped.

Okay, yes, we have a way to go before B has a real understanding of spiritual things. But, wow. What a sweet expression of his innocent, child-like faith.

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Misty Burns said...

children are great. the other day elijah told me "mom there are four people in this room" i was like what??? it was only him and myself. he said "me, you , Jesus, and God." gotta love those babies