Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day!

As many of you know, we've gotten a lot of snow here lately. The most snow this place has gotten in many years, actually. So, we've had many chances to get out and enjoy it! However, we live at the top of a hill. Good for flood areas, since we will always stay nice and dry. But bad for snow and ice, because the minute we leave our driveway, we start to slide down the hill.

The other day was no exception. The roads were especially treacherous, and there was no way we were gonna venture out in it! Unfortunately, I neglected to do my grocery shopping the day before the storm hit, and we were out of basic necessities (milk, bread, etc). Jay did this sort of "blink, blink" look at me, then a "gulp, gulp", and he knew he was gonna have no choice but to make a grocery run for me. However, he decided he was gonna do it HIS way...

We live in such a small town that everything is on one main street. And the house we now live in is within walking distance of just about any place on that street (the bank, the pharmacy, the 3 fast food restaurants in town, and the grocery store). So, Jay bundled up the older 2 kids, and off they went... WALKING to the store to get my groceries. :o)

Of course, like I said before, Jay wanted to do things HIS way. So, he stopped by our snow-covered tree, saying, "Hey B. Come over here a sec. I think I see a nest in this tree," just before shaking the snow out all over my unsuspecting 5 year old son. (I can't believe I was fortunate enough to catch it on camera!)...

They all arrived back safe and sound (albeit a little cold and wet and exhausted from hiking gallons of milk up that big hill). Jay had bought all of the necessities I asked for, and had even added a few more "necessities" of his own (Doritos, chocolate milk, candy bars, etc). Oh well, I guess I can't complain too much about the junk food. They deserved to have a little reward for all that hard work! :o)

After they returned and I was able to make some food to feed the hungry beasts, we all decided to get bundled back up and go outside to PLAY! :o)

Snow angels are so much fun, Mom! :o)

We have a wonderful hill in our backyard (that matches the one that makes up our road), so the kids always enjoy sledding down it! Jay got in on the action, too (don't worry... he only fell once or twice). But this time, unfortunately, I was not fortunate enough to capture that on camera. Ha ha. :o)

And, since I always seem to be the one TAKING the pictures, I very rarely get the chance to be IN the pictures. So, I decided to try to take a self-portrait of baby C and I, all bundled up in the snow, too... :o)

All in all, we have had some really wonderful snow days!!! It seems like every morning we wake up to another inch or two on the ground. The tracks the kids make in the snow while they are sledding are gone by the next day, so each day they get to enjoy fresh snow!

We just love living here!!! :o)