Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yippee! She's 3!!!

Yep. My sweet H just turned 3 years old. I can't believe it! She seems to have grown faster than the rest of the kids for some reason. And she is just the cutest little character, too! She comes up with the craziest sayings, and can just melt your heart! She is something special, that's for sure. :o)

This year, H was VERY specific with her request for a birthday cake. I tried my hardest to convince her that she should get a Barbie Dress cake, like the one I made for her big sister (since I finally mastered that one!). But... she was very insistent. Over and over again, all she would ask for was a Princess Castle cake.

Unfortunately for me, I am hopelessly new at this cake decorating thing. And, with our crazy hectic schedule, alongside the fact that her birthday fell on a church day... I didn't have as much time to plan out the cake like I did with the one I made for R's birthday. In fact, I only had 2 hours in which to completely decorate the cake before church started!

So... I am a little embarrassed to show off this cake, because I am not especially proud of it. I know I could have done a MUCH better job if I had more time to prepare, etc. But, nevertheless... here is H's Princess Castle Birthday Cake...

And, H told me later on, as she was looking at pictures of her cake...

H: "I got my wished and it comed twue!"

Me: "You did? What did you wish for?"

H: "I got my pwincess castle cake, juss like I wanted!"

Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet girl! You are growing up so fast and so big! We love you!!! :o)