Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Letter to My Birthday Girl

My Dearest R,

Today is your birthday. I can't believe you are 8 years old already! You are growing up so fast. That makes me sad sometimes, (like today) when I remember the day you came into this world. You were so small and helpless, and you needed me to do everything for you. Things are very different now. You can dress yourself, you take showers all by yourself, read by yourself, braid your hair, and ride a bike. You can even get yourself something to eat, and can help me feed your little sister sometimes, too.

But, I also get the privilege to see what a beautiful young woman you are becoming. And you really are very beautiful. You are so tall, thin and stylish. And with your blonde hair, I feel like I have my very own life-sized Barbie doll. I love that you prefer to wear nice dresses instead of jeans. It is such a blessing to me and your daddy to see you preferring modest clothing to the more popular kind. I pray that will never change.

It is also a blessing to have the opportunity to watch you blossoming into a young woman of godly character. I like to catch you in your room sometimes with your dolls and stuffed animals, as you attempt to teach them stories from the Bible. And whenever we go to a playground, you always seem to make a friend, and you always ask them if they are Christians, and make sure to tell them about Jesus before we leave.

And it pleases your Daddy and me to catch you with your light on late at night. I know that sounds silly, because normally, we would discipline you for staying up past your bedtime. But we have learned that you use that time to read your Bible. Most girls your age would choose to read much different things, and it shows us that your little heart has a yearning and a desire to know more about our Lord. And that is a good thing to yearn for, because as you seek to become more like Christ, it will be evident in the way you relate to others.

You are already displaying a heart full of love and patience. You let your brother and baby sister play with your toys, and you are very patient with them as you try to teach them some of the things you have learned in these 8 years of life. And I adore the fact that you get excited to read books from Elsie Dinsmore and Little House on the Prairie. I beam with pride every time I see you trying to act like Elsie Dinsmore or Mary Ingalls (you prefer to be like Mary instead of Laura because Mary is the oldest and has blonde hair, just like you). It is so much better to see you imitating these young women of godly character, instead of the ones that are much less godly from the popular TV shows that other children your age are imitating.

You are also very adaptable, and have accepted changes easily. You really are showing us that you have a heart that is willing to sacrifice. Our family has been through a lot of hard times in this past year. And you have very willingly and humbly sacrificed so much as a result, and yet, you don't complain. And I know it has been hard on you to adjust to living without as many things as we used to have. It breaks my heart to see you worrying about our finances. You aren't supposed to have to worry about such things, but you have done so well at trying to live on less lately. You have gone from having your own room, with your own bed, filled with your own toys, and clothes, and books, to sharing not only a room with your baby sister, but you share a bed with her now, too! And you didn't complain about it at all. You actually said you thought it would be fun, because you could be like Mary and Laura Ingalls. What a wonderful big sister you are! You have become a wonderful role model for your brother and sister to look up to.

And I know that you are looking up to me as a role model, too. I will have to work extra hard to be a good one for you to follow. I love it when you ask to help me cook dinner, and that you are so willing to do your chores with a good attitude. You have a very teachable spirit, and accept correction very humbly and meekly. You bless me so much and bring tears to my eyes when you are asked what you want to be when you grow up. You always tell people the same thing. You just want to be a mom. Not a doctor, or a lawyer. A mom. That might not be something most people would choose, but believe me when I tell you that it is a very high calling, and one that the Lord will bless in countless ways.

I know that you will be a wonderful mom someday. You can sing to your children with that beautiful voice of yours. And I know that you will teach your children from the Bible, just like me and Daddy teach you, because I know that you truly love the Lord and His Word.

I pray that one day your children will make you as happy and as proud as you have made me and your Daddy these past 8 years.

Have a Happy Birthday, my sweet, beautiful, 8 year old daughter!

We love you always,


Katey said...

I found your blog from the Phillips family and I found your tritube to your daughter so beautiful. She sounds like a special girl, and reminds me of mine! Hope she had a happy birthday!

RichFam said...

Thank you, Katey. She is a special girl, whether I am biased or not! Ha ha.

You are welcome to my blog any time. :o)