Sunday, January 11, 2009


They've done it! The kids have done it. Another milestone has been reached.
They have learned how to ride two-wheel bicycles.

And it proved to be a lot less stressful than we thought it would be. It only took one day, actually just the afternoon. They are some smart cookies, our kids. (But of course I am not biased a bit! ha ha)

R needed no help at all. She took off and never looked back. She was a pro! She did so well, in fact, that we bought her a brand new bike for her birthday, which she LOVES.

B had a little more trouble with it. But, he IS only 4 years old. I didn't even know how to ride a bike without training wheels at 4.

Jay started him off, and there were a few bumps and bruises at first.
B was beginning to get a little frustrated. Okay, fine. He was getting more than a little frustrated. Can we say... John McEnroe?

But, since R was firguring it out so well, she decided to take B on a step-by-step bike-riding lesson. B was a good student, and concentrated on what she was trying to teach him.

And, after a boost of encouragement, an even a few more failed attempts, B was off again. And this time... HE DID IT!

We are so proud of him. Proud of BOTH of them. And they are proud of themselves. What a great day.

I love watching my children reach new milestones. :o)


Jessica said...

Hi Michelle,

I thought of you when I saw the Maxwell family's upcoming conference schedule. Thought you might want to check out the link and see if you are near either of the Florida locations.

You can see the blog post here.

RichFam said...

Hey Jessica,

Yes, I knew the Maxwell's were coming here.

My homeschool group is actually hosting them here in our town. And the church where they are speaking is within walking distance from our house.

I am sooo excited. Jay and I will be taking the kids to see them next Tuesday night. It happens to be on Hannah's 2nd birthday, but we just can't pass something like this up! So, we will be celebrating early in order to be there to hear Steve, Terri and their children speak.

I have heard it is a wonderful conference. I can't wait!!! And I am sure you can be expecting to see a post on this blog about it after we get back. :o)

Juliette said...

How fun! They both are so cute on their bikes. It's always exciting to see them achieve new things. I am jealous of the green grass and flip flops. I guess the weather is still really nice down south. I miss the beach!

Misty Burns said...

awe thats great...abigail and elijah can we just need to work on isabella...well maybe we need to tackle walking first.haha