Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun(ny) Adventure

This past Sunday, we got to do a special treat. We went out to eat after church at a Chinese Restaurant. We went to a new place that just opened up in our town recently. We were a little nervous at first, not knowing the cost, but Jay sent me in to check out the prices, and I determined that they were within our limits.

We were so amazed when we walked inside! It was immaculate. Everything was pristinely cleaned and shiny, and there were (no kidding) 12 different buffet tables, full of delicious-looking food for any and all tastes. They had Chinese, Japanese, Thai, sushi, American, etc. It was incredible.

The funny part is, the kids were just as impressed as we were. Once we were all seated, with our full plates in front of us, the kids inquired about getting some chopsticks to eat with. Since neither Jay nor I saw any near us, we told the kids that they probably didn't have any. But we were wrong.

Once the waitress came to check on us, they were more than happy to get the kids some chopsticks. They even, very very eagerly, tried to teach them how to hold and use the strange utensils. They were surprisingly patient as they attempted to teach my completely Americanized children. But, alas, they soon realized that there was no hope in teaching them to hold the things properly. Still, they had a solution. They spent the next few minutes doing some sort of intricate weaving and wrapping of a rubber band around each of the chopsticks, to get them to stay together, making it easier for children to use. It was impressive, and they were very very kind to us, and to the kids throughout the entire meal.
This conversation was heard a few minutes later, as we were in the middle of eating our meal...

Rebekah (to Ben): Hey, Ben. Isn't this so cool? We get to eat with chopsticks!

Ben (to Rebekah): Yeah, can you believe it? We get to put WOOD in our MOUTHS!

LoMein noodles almost went through my nose at that point. :o)

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Misty Burns said...

awe..they are so cute. great job with the chop sticks!