Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's About Time!!!

An article I found in USA Today...

Retailers widen options, including more modest clothes

Modesty in young women's clothing is getting a boost from the dismal economy.
When consumer spending was in overdrive, retailers could sell to the masses and ignore the more muted voices asking for, say, a decent supply of sleeved shirts or prom dresses that show more fabric than skin.

Read the rest of this wonderful article here.
I say, it's about time!!!


Misty Burns said...

amen to that. i can not stand that they have shorts with writing on the butt for 8 year olds. i do NOT want some creep looking at my childs butt. agh!!!

Bronie said...

great article. thanks for sharing.

Daughter of Vision said...

This is great news. Thanks for posting it.