Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mirror Messages

Jay and I have a little thing that we do. We write silly love messages to each other on our bathroom mirror with a bar of soap. Sometimes, it is merely a message telling the other what time we will be back home from the store. Sometimes, it is a particular Scripture passage that relates to something we are dealing with. And sometimes (like when a pregnancy causes the body to get into weird, swollen, puffy shapes), it is a sweet message from a wonderful husband telling his self-conscious wife how beautiful he still thinks she is.

We have done this for several years. In fact, it has been going on for the entire 12 year duration of our marriage. It's just one of those kooky things we do that makes our marriage so unique... and fun. However, as our children are growing older, and beginning to learn to read and write on their own, they have discovered this "secret" message writing that their daddy and I do.

The other day, R came into the master bathroom to gather towels for the laundry. She saw a note on the mirror that Jay had written to me, telling me how beautiful I was. She was so impressed by it, that she talked nonstop about it the rest of the day, even writing in her journal about how she wants to marry someone who writes notes to her on the mirror like her daddy does.

The following day, I wrote a response to Jay's note on the mirror, thanking God for the wonderful man He gave me. R saw it, and decided that she needed to add a message on the mirror to her daddy as well. Then, Jay responded back to her. Then B wanted to get in on the action, and wrote a message of his own on the mirror. Pretty soon, there wasn't a spare inch of space on my bathroom mirror!

I suppose I should be happy that we have such a creative and artistic family. Of course, it sure makes for some extra scrubbing on the mirror. I guess it's a good thing we use soap instead of lipstick or something!

I guess there was just one thing left to do... scrub the mirror and start a new message! :o)


Sarah LeighAnn said...

So sweet! Your family is so precious. Miss y'all!!!

Cassie said...

You guys are amazing! :) I can't wait until I have my own family like that ;)

RichFam said...

Aww... You silly Thompsons!!! You are the sweetest family ever. We wanna be like YOU!!! :o)