Saturday, July 17, 2010

High Tea at the RichFam House

R decided that today was going to be the day that we celebrated High Tea at the RichFam house.  For a 9 year old, I think she did relatively well.  She had a linen tablecloth (even though it was a brown and orange one we use at Thanksgiving), linen napkins (purple and white with grapes), and china dishes (yellow, green, and plaid).  So, it wasn't exactly color coordinated, but she did her best.  The tea (which she made all by herself) was delicious, and she even thought to add small crackers and cookies for everyone (served on a Christmas platter).  :o)

The Happy Hostess and her Guests.

The Food.

H loved every minute of our Tea Party, making sure to speak in the most ADORABLE English accent.  :o)

Here's B, trying his best to be "proper" by holding his pinky finger out as he eats his "crumpet".  :o)

All in all, R has the makings of a gracious, beautiful hostess. She'll make a sweet little homemaker one day. :o)



Wilson News said...

WOW! Great job Bek!!! Fancy fixings! How nice....she must love the linens and china dishes and special events like her gramma!!! :)

Anonymous said...

She did a wonderful job! We *love* Tea Time here too, and have it often!

(stopping by from Raising Homemakers)

Have a great day!

wannabegodly said...

I'd she's already a very good little homemaker! Inspiring!

(also stopping by from Raising Homemakers)