Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Her Favorite Birthday Gift

My sweet R just turned 10 years old.  And her grandma couldn't have gotten a more perfect gift for her.  :o)

*NOTE*  For those of you reading this on Facebook, you will need to click this link to see the video.

Happy 10th Birthday my sweet, beautiful daughter!


Wilson News said...

THIS was PERFECT!!!! Ha ha! I tried to upload the video I took from Skype - but for 1 - it failed - and for 2 - it was such poor quality - due to being taken from Skype. Thanks for posting! Priceless!!! Ha ha! Now off to violin lessons! Now I can't wait til Jan. 20!!!!! I hope you videotape that one too!!! :)

silvia said...

hi, i was jumping trought the net and came here... and saw this video.
it's years since i last saw someone so deeply happy for a gift!
it made me happy too.
thanks a lot!
i'm sure she'll enjoy it!
hugs, from italy.