Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moving On... (Again)

Apparently, our family is destined to travel the country like Nomads or Gypsies... or, at least that's how it feels sometimes, since we seem to move every 2 years or so. I will say, though, that throughout all of these moves, we have seen the Hand of Almighty God at work in every single situation, always being faithful to answer our prayers as we seek to grow more spiritually mature and to act more like Him in all that we do. It has most definitely been painful at times, with many difficult lessons on patience, faithfulness, perseverance, etc. But, we fully trust in the Sovereignty of God and in His ability to bring us through any trials we may face in this life.

This latest move was especially exciting for me. I consider Tennessee my home state, spending the majority of my growing-up years there. So, when the Lord provided my husband with a JOB, a CHURCH, and a HOUSE during the course of ONE WEEKEND, and it "just-so-happened" to be in TN... I was ecstatic!

We only just moved into this house one week ago, so there is still a lot of "tweaking" to do to the house (painting, curtains, more pictures on the walls, etc), but I hope these pics will get the point across. And, we really love our new place. Many thanks to those of you who have been praying for our family during a(nother) difficult span of unemployment. Now, on to the house pics! :o)

The BEFORE and AFTER transformation (remember, it is still a work in progress):

The front of the house.

B's room BEFORE (excited that he has a view of the river from his window).

The Master Bedroom.

I wish I could get a good pic of the whole room. It is HUGE! That is a King Sized bed, and it is still big enough to have a couch/sitting area on the other side of the room (if we had the furniture to put in it). :o)

The Girls' Room

The Dining Area


The Dining Room/Homeschool Area
AFTER (I haven't gotten it organized yet.  Thankfully, it is summer break, so I have a while before I have to get it finished.  Yay!  More time to procrastinate!)  :o)

 The Kitchen

Living Room/Kitchen area

  The Living Room (half of it, anyway)

The other half of the Living Room/Music Room.  The kids are very excited to restart their piano & violin lessons soon!  :o)
Hope you enjoyed the "tour"!  We really like it here so far.  And, hopefully the Lord will let us live here for a little while before He moves us again!  :o)


Wilson News said...

It's amazing how it transformed! It's a great start!!! I still love that cabinet we got...even though we thought it was a lot larger! It's perfect! I don't know what you would have done without it now! Can't wait to come visit again!!! :D

Kat said...

Yes it does look pretty awesome! And I'm glad you guys are back in TN. How's everyone? I was actually thinking about little hannah yesterday, I found a tape of becca from back in 2004, I don't have a player or anything but I'm hoping if I can remember I can maybe take it down to wolf camera and have them make a dvd or something so I can watch it :)