Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making Memories

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we've had to get pretty creative in our attempt to keep everyone entertained while staying within the bounds of our very tight budget.

We cut our own hair. Well, at least the boys do. Me and the girls have to just deal with long hair for a while. Jay is pretty easy to please. He simply shaves his head bald. B's hair is a little more difficult for me. The last time he got his hair cut, he told us he wanted to look just like his daddy. I wrote about how that went, too. Poor guy. :o)

While he is waiting for his hair to grow back, he insists on wearing hats everywhere he goes. Even if we tell him he looks silly in them. He prefers to look silly in his hats than with his bald head. Go figure.

Well, we figured we would entertain the kids while doing a necessary task. B got to shave his daddy's head.

He took his job very seriously at first, not wanting to mess up.

But eventually, we convinced him that there really wasn't any way to mess up "bald". So he started having fun. He even tried to shave designs in his daddy's head. He had a great time and the girls enjoyed watching all the fun, too. :o)

Afterwards, we decided to have a "game" night. The kids helped me bake chocolate chip cookies, and we got out some of those annoying children's games (you know... the ones that are so annoying to you that you promise yourself that you won't play them again for at least a year).

But... at least the kids had a lot of fun. :o)

I just had to put this next picture into the mix, too. I couldn't resist. Little H was so upset that she had eaten all of her cookies and couldn't have any more. She gave me this look shortly afterwards, when I told her I wanted to take her pretty picture.

She can be so sassy at times. But I love my sweet girl and the fact that she is beginning to show the signs of a growing into a little girl, and she is not as much of a baby anymore.

... Making memories with homemade haircuts, warm chocolate chip cookies and Hungry Hungry Hippo. What could be more fun than that? :o)


The growing Adkinson family said...

Sounds like fun. I think its cool jay let ben cut his hair what a fun experience. I love the looks from hannah. SHe looks like she will be a fun teenager. :) I love the new blog background.

Lydia Manning said...

Ooohhh. Hungry Hungry Hippos?! You're the woman. I haven't even let that game enter our home yet. Way to go superMom! I sure hope you allowed yourself an extra cookie or two for that one!

Misty Burns said...

apparently hannah thinks more cookies will be fun!! hahahah. too cute!!!

kirsten said...

your kids all look so much's cute to see them hanging out. I can't believe that much time has passed for you to have KIDS. wow, I'm old...