Monday, August 25, 2008

Quotable Kids...

There are times when our children have done something warranting discipline. Strange, I know. But it is true. I can admit it... my children are not perfect. There! Ha ha.

So, either Jay or I will have to issue their consequence. And often times, after we have given them correction (namely, applying the hand of wisdom to the seat of knowledge), we will sit down with them and explain why it was necessary for them to experience the consequences of their actions.

At the end we will say, "Mommy and Daddy do not like it when you make bad choices, but we always love you."

My adorable son, B. He brightens my day with just the glimmer of his crystal blue eyes! He is always so happy and jovial. Even when he is being disciplined, he takes his correction bravely, and is back to smiling as soon as it is over. He loves to laugh, and tell jokes, and he is just a joy to be around.

The other day, as we all sat down to dinner, B asked me if I had made broccoli (one of the few foods that can erase his smile). When I replied that I had not made broccoli for this meal, he gave a sign of relief and said:

"Even though I don't like it when you make broccoli, I always love you, Mommy."

Jay and I exploded with laughter and gave him a big kiss for being so darn cute. Just for that, I may never force him to eat his broccoli again! :o)

Here is Ben's new haircut.
He told us he wanted to look like his daddy.
I guess no one told him his daddy didn't choose to look like that :o)
When all was said and done, he cried for a couple of hours.
He hated his new haircut because he missed having hair. Who knew? Ha ha.
He now has a goal to grow his hair out to look like Zach and Cody (from the Disney show).


Misty Burns said...

that is so sad that he cried about his haircut! i would have cried with him. hahahah. tell him he is very handsome, and we love it.

Bronie said...

hahaha love the broccoli comment. and the haircut? that's so sad that he cried. : ( i've had a few haircuts that would warrant a tear or two.