Thursday, August 7, 2008

FIREPROOF - In Theaters September 26th

A few weeks ago, Jay and I were able to go out on our first date in over a year. While that news is momentous enough to use as the post for this blog, I am choosing to post about what we did on the date instead... (get your heads out of the gutter, people!)

Jay and I are on some sort of wonderful list in which we are asked to preview and critique movies before they come out in theaters. I don't know how we wound up on this fabulous list, but we love it! The last movie we previewed was Evan Almighty, and we were able to take the kids to see it with us (which they enjoyed very much). This time, however, we chose to enjoy the movie by ourselves, and leave the children in the care of Jay's wonderful sister, Melissa (and, Missy, if we have failed to tell you how much we love you for doing that, we do, we do, we do!!!) We went to see the movie, Fireproof, which is from the creators of Facing the Giants, and Flywheel. Both of those were great movies, so we knew we would be in for a treat.

We were right!

This movie is excellent! I cannot say that enough. It is great, great, great!!! If any of you out there know someone who is struggling in their marriage, tell them to go see this movie!!! And, when the movie comes out in theaters on September 26th, TAKE YOUR SPOUSE AND WATCH IT TOGETHER!!! This has the potential to drastically change your marriage, your view of what "true" love is, and your relationship with the Lord, for the better!

And it is a great conversation starter. Jay and I had a wonderfully long conversation about all sorts of things relating to our marriage during our drive home. There are really so few movies (fewer and fewer as time goes by) that put forth an honest effort to portray Christianity and God's Truth in a way that lines up with His Scripture. This movie does that... and does it very well!

We should all do our best to support this movie by going to see it during Opening Weekend. Here is the movie trailer that will begin to play in theaters soon:


Bronie said...

yippee for date nite! i can't wait to see this movie. is jay getting excited about starting his new job? i know you are! :)

RichFam said...

Oh, yes we are excited! Jay is excited to finally feel like a normal, working person again.

I am excited because when he is finally out of the house I can get the house and the kids back on an actual schedule!

Woo Hoo! Come on August 12th!

Tee hee :o)

Misty Burns said...

that movie looks awesome. cant wait to see it. it figures you guys get on lists like that. were can i sign up? hahaha. love date night!!!