Friday, August 15, 2008

11 Years and Counting

Saturday, August 16th, 2008 will mark our 11th wedding anniversary.

11 years! Can you believe it? It's so hard to believe it has been that long already. It has been one long whirlwind of LOVE... (and blood, sweat and tears)! Ha ha.

Sooooo many changes have taken place in our lives since we first vowed to love each other unconditionally (in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, til death do we part!) on that Saturday afternoon, 11 years ago.

Since then, we have....

added - 4 children. lived in - 4 States. changed jobs - 10 times (or so). visited - 5 countries. made - countless friends. prayed - countless times. grown stronger in our relationship with the Lord - continuously.

We have been through the ringer more times in these 11 years than most people have been in a lifetime. Life at times has been such a struggle for us. But our faith in the Lord in the face of such adversity has only been strengthened with each new obstacle.

One of the sayings Jay has used with people over the years when counseling and discipling is, "The Lord's refining process can be quite painful at times, but it is always worth it in the end."

The Lord must sometimes put us through the fire, in order to burn away that chaff. He must do this to get us to surrender more and more of ourselves to Him, so that more and more, we can begin to resemble Him.

Following that advice, and "practicing what we preach" has been a difficult pill to swallow at times, but following it has always worked out for the better.

We give all the praise and glory to God our Father, who has been the ROCK that this marriage is rooted in!

And it will be only by His unfailing Love and Grace that we will have the honor of having another 11 years (and more!) to spend in complete wedded bliss, learning to love each other unselfishly, the way Christ loves us all.

Thank you guys, also, for the part you all have played in supporting, discipling, sharing, praying, and loving us through the tough times.

We love you all.

Michelle & Jay <><


Juliette said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I remember playing violin at your wedding and I remember the beautiful ceremony. I hope you have a lovely day and celebration! Love you! Juliette

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! I've never had a chance to tell you that before...I'm so glad that we have reconnected!! Have a great day!


Misty Burns said...

congrats!!! i was there for some of your 11 years. some of it has been quite hilarious!!

Logan Marie said...

Wow look at that wedding picture! Did Jay actually have hair??? Who woulda thunk it... haha You guys are so shibby I love you both! I hope y'all had a great anniversary and many more to come!