Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Surprise Guest

I received a phone call that my dad had a job in Ft. Lauderdale and wanted to stop by to see me. Since he had flown his own plane down, it was going to be very quick and easy to fly on over to where we live for a short lunch date with me and the kids (Jay, of course, was at work).

We had a wonderful lunch, catching up and talking about how much the kids have grown (and they have!). Then he took us shopping (Grandpa's are really good at spoiling their precious grandbabies), and showed him around our home.

It was only supposed to be a quick "Hi and Bye", but the weather here changed unexpectedly, causing thick clouds to cover the area and leaving him unable to fly back home. So, he was "forced" to stay with us overnight. :o)

We, of course, didn't mind a bit! We got to spend a lot more time together and the kids just loved it! They have missed seeing their Grandpa Steve! Even better still, the weather delayed him the next night, too! (tee hee).

It was finally clear enough for him to fly out this afternoon. So, as a fun "farewell" treat, Grandpa Steve took me and the kids flying in his airplane!

I was very nervous! Especially since little H had to sit in my lap in the cockpit near all of those neat buttons and knobs she thought would be fun to play with!
But she thankfully behaved like a sweet little angel, and fell asleep soon after we got in the air.

R and B both loved wearing the headsets because they could hear themselves talking in the microphones. They liked pretending to talk to the tower and giving the call numbers of the plane. It was very cute.

Then Grandpa let them take turns pretending to fly the plane (while we were on the ground, of course!). It made them feel very special. :o)

We had a wonderful time. What a nice surprise visit. And now, B keeps insisting that he is going to grow up to fly planes just like his Grandpa Steve. :o)


Bronie said...

looks like an awesome visit! tell steve the victorys said "hey!" it looks like the kids loved "flying" the plane and wearing the headsets... that's something they won't soon forget.

Misty Burns said...

see this kind of thing only happens to you guys!!! what is with your family?? i am jealous! In a good way of course! looks like a lot of fun!!!

The growing Adkinson family said...

how awesome. That is so cool. I didnt know he had his own plane. What a fun time. Im so glad u guys got that time together. :)