Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Surviving the Month of a "Million" Travels

Whew!!! I know we haven't posted in a while, but for good reason. We have been BUSY! Like the title of this post says, this month has been renamed in our family to the Month of a Million Travels.

First, we spent several days in Kentucky, unexpectedly, during Jay's mom's illness.

Then, a couple of days after we got back, my dad came to visit for a few more days.

Then, a day or two after Steve went home, Jay got a terrible sickness that we thought was the flu (but actually turned out to be a really bad case of strep throat), and I spent the next several days nursing him back to health (and keeping it from spreading to everyone else).

By the end of the week, Jay was still not entirely well, but we had a scheduled, non-refundable trip to Orlando to go on vacation, so I was responsible for packing everything (and everyone) and getting us to our resort in Orlando (to attempt to have a fun time, even though Jay was dreadfully sick).

We had 3 days after we got back from our trip to Orlando to wash all the laundry, RE-pack everything, set R & B up to stay at Jay's sister's house, and get me, Jay and H to the airport for an 8 hour long flight and then 3 hour long drive to the beautiful state of Oregon, where we stayed until late last night, when we again made that exhausting 11 hour trip to come back home.

Then, I got a call that my friend Tonya is in town from TN and would like to come for a quick visit today before she has to drive to Gainesville on a business trip.

So, needless to say, I am TIRED! (and after reading all of that again, it made me even more tired!) ha ha.

I have plenty of pictures from all of our travels, but at the moment, I have GOT to get my house under control, and all this laundry done first!!! (or at least make it somewhat presentable for when Tonya comes over!) ha ha.

As soon as I have a moment to sit here, edit pictures, etc., I will write another post. I will probably make a Blog Series, where I spend a couple of weeks highlighting some of the events during this Month of a Million Travels.

But for now.... the dryer bell is buzzing.... duty calls! (again) :o)

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Misty Burns said...

good to hear from you again. when u get a chance...check out my blog. i posted new pics of the kids. cant wait to see yours!