Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Cleaning" the Lanai

With a large family, which includes wild, crazy & messy children, as well as filthy animals (I'm talking about the dog...not my husband -- this time), the lanai and pool area can tend to get a bit dirty. Okay... a LOT dirty. So, every so often, I make the children clean up the messes they make out there.

On this particular day, I decided to allow them to have a little fun while they were cleaning. It ended up making more of a mess, but the good thing about having a lanai and pool area, is that you can just hose it all down and make the messes disappear! :o)

Here are some pics of the kids' adventure at "cleaning" the lanai...

It started out innocently enough. I let the kids use shaving cream to wash the outside table and chairs.

Pretty soon, though, all three kids were covered, head to toe, in shaving cream...
This is no ordinary boy... he is a regular wild and crazy guy! Just look at him pose! Watch out, ladies! Ooh la la! :o)
Little Miss Copycat... She MUST be just like her big brother and sister... OR ELSE! :o)

My friend, Bronie, often tells her blog readers how she deserves the "Mother of the Year" award, due to the interesting things she does for her children when they find themselves in a pickle.

Well, Bronie, this is one of those moments for me.

I sat there and watched him do it. He didn't understand the rules of shaving cream and the delicate membranes of the eyes.

Did I know what was going to happen? Yep. Sure did.

Did I try to stop him? Nope.

Did I run immediately and get something to assist him? Nope.

What did I choose to do instead? Grab the camera and tell him to say "cheese!"
He had been really enjoying himself until this moment. Needless to say, however, soon after this picture was taken, B learned an important lesson about not putting anything in or near his eyes. Poor little guy. He'd been having so much fun...

But, it's like I said earlier... the good part about it all, is that we just had to get the hose, spray him down and the "ouchies" miraculously disappeared! :o)


Sarah LeighAnn said...

How fun! I can't believe how big your babies are now!!! Such cute pictures. :P

Bronie said...

love it! clean AND fun!