Thursday, May 14, 2009

Funny Thing About The Dead Sea...

R has been studying about Ancient Egypt, Israel, the Middle East, etc. during homeschool history lately. This morning, she asked me how the Dead Sea got it's name. I explained to her that the river flows into it, bringing with it all sorts of junk, but that there is not another way out so all the muck and junk just stays there, building up so much that nothing should be able to survive in it. So, it is called the "Dead Sea". She was very interested in this fact.

Later in the day, I was trying to clean the house, and kept finding junk that everyone had just thrown all over the house (like a dirty old shirt and stinky shoes under the dining room table, dog food pebbles on the living room floor, and cheese cracker crumbs in the bedroom carpet).

So, I started grumbling about it (okay, fine. I was on a pregnancy hormone rampage), upset by the fact that nobody seems to be capable of cleaning up after themselves. It almost felt as though they were trying to play a very annoying game of hide-and-seek, putting things in odd places, and guessing how long it will take me to locate it and "right" the "wrong". Ugh. I was a bit perturbed about it, to say the least.

But R, trying to apply the newly learned knowledge to a current situation, and completely unaware of the fact that I was ready to bite the head off of the next person to get in my way, pipes up.

She proudly announces, "Hey, mom! Our house is like the Dead Sea! Junk keeps piling up in here, and nobody bothers to clean it all out!"

Well, at least she is learning something in homeschool this year... :o)


Misty Burns said...

i love when kids pick the worst time to apply new knowledge!!! at least their cute...that is what I always say! :)

Bronie said...

well, then i guess we all LIVE in the DEAD sea at times. dang those smart kids... throwing up knowledge at the most inopportune times. ;)

Juliette said...

Tell Hannah I would love to go swimming with her this summer at the reunion!