Friday, April 30, 2010

The Wonderful World of Geo Caching!

We've discovered a new love...  Geo caching.  (

Basically, here's the rundown:

You find a cache that sounds interesting to you in an area near you.  You enter the coordinates for the cache into your GPS and follow it to the site.  You then proceed to search for a hidden container, inside of which contains a log book to document that you found the cache, and a variety of small, inexpensive trinkets.  You may choose to take one of the trinkets, but must replace it with one of equal or greater value.  That's it, in a nutshell.

Today, our family went on our first geocaching expedition.  And, I'm afraid we're officially hooked.  It is soooo much fun!!!  :o)

I tried to document our day with pictures...

Here, we are searching for a cache.

We've found our first cache!

B with the cache container (they come in all shapes & sizes.  This one is considered a "micro")

Many of the geo cache sites have historical significance.  This is particularly fun for homeschool history lessons!

Jay has become the professional detective of the family.  He finds all the hidden caches. 

This cache container was filled with all sorts of neat little trinkets.  The kids each got to take something from it.

Now, the rules of geocaching are that if you remove an item from the container, you must also replace it with something of equal or greater value.  The RichFam was more than happy to oblige...

Each time we find cache we fill it with either a silver coin with The Ten Commandments written on it, or a gospel tract in the form of a million dollar bill, most of which have the caricature of someone famous on them.  Might as well spread the gospel while we are having fun, right?  :o)

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