Monday, May 3, 2010

When Sisters are Friends

Our girls love to play dress-up.  They love to put on fancy dresses, plastic high heeled shoes, gobs of makeup, and pretend to be princesses in a wide variety of scenarios...  locked in a tower, hosting a royal tea party, shipwrecked in the ocean and needing to be rescued by a daring prince (AKA - their brother who reluctantly agrees to play simply because he's bored and there are no other boys to play with), etc.  The possibilities are endless!  And their little imaginations never cease to amaze me.  :o)

Last year for her birthday, we got R a large case of makeup to use when playing dress-up.  She was very excited about this gift, and treasured this makeup case like no other.  She valued it, and kept it hidden from little people who would seek to destroy it.  Unfortunately for her, the little people are very good at finding things that have been hidden from them.  And little H just loves to wear makeup, almost as much as big sister R.  The problem is that little H has yet to learn the art of seeking permission first.  This has caused many struggles between the sisters, to say the least.  :o)

Because we are homeschoolers, our children get to spend much more time together than other families.  Sometimes, this causes many stressful days, filled with arguing and hard lessons on being patient and putting others first.  Other times, like this particular day, I was able to observe the fruit of our labor; the result of investing the time to teach our children the life-lessons of being kind to one another and putting others before ourselves.  It doesn't always turn out this way, but when it does, it is worth blogging about.  :o)

R discovered little H sneaking into her prized makeup case.  Instead of screaming at her and starting a major argument, my sweet eldest daughter decided to bless little H with a special make-over.  I just love watching as sisters become friends.  :o)

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LOVE IT!!! Awww....such a great moment! Thanks for sharing!!!