Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A New Home - A New Beginning

Due to the fact that baby C was in the hospital and Jay was with us instead of with the moving truck, Charles (Jay's dad) ended up driving to our new house in Ohio all by himself.

Did I mention that we had never seen the house before we moved here? So, we really had no way of telling Charles how to get here or what to do once he got here. What a strange situation we found ourselves in!

Thankfully, we have a truly wonderful new church family who understood the difficult circumstances, and were there to make everything run as smoothly as possible. They got the key to the house from the landlord, came in and did some cleaning, helped Charles get here (and even let him stay the night at one of their houses).

And most impressive of all, they unloaded the truck, got all of the beds set up in the bedrooms (complete with linens), and started unpacking various boxes for us, setting the kitchen up and even buying tons of food to stock the cupboards and refrigerator, so we would have things to eat for the first few days.

When we (FINALLY) arrived to our new home, we came in to find all of the furniture set up, all of the beds ready to sleep in, the kitchen completely unpacked and ready to use, and best of all...

The ladies of the church set up a beautiful Christmas tree for us!!! What a sweet sentiment! What's more, they also thought about the kids...

A brand new sled and candy for each of them! :o)

Best of all, the kids woke up the next morning to several inches of fluffy white snow! So, of course, they immediately set out to get some use out of their new gift!

Jay and I really began to feel truly loved and appreciated at this new church. A brand new beginning for the RichFam. :o)

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