Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fun in the "Sun"

The other day, I needed to get some much-needed work done around the house. You know, the kinds of things that need to get done periodically, but don't get done as often as regular chores, such as: scrubbing all around the sink and faucet, mopping and scrubbing all of the floors, cleaning up the walkway to the front door, etc.

I knew I was not going to get much done with all of the kids in the house, so I had to think of a plan that would keep them occupied and entertained for long enough for me to get my work done. For some odd reason, I chose finger painting. Yep.

But this time, I planned for it a little better. I set up their paints outside on the lanai, and I had the kids change into their swim suits, to salvage the few outfits they can still fit into.

I must say, I think it worked out rather perfectly. The kids had a blast out there! And, so did the dogs! Poor Miley got too close and got splattered with paint on her paw and above each of her eyes. Rambo kept a safe distance, though, just like he always does. :o)

When the kids were done with their "masterpieces" and hung them up to dry, I got the hose out, and put them to work. Sine the table is smooth plastic, the paint came up very easily! And the kids enjoyed the task of cleaning up so much, that it didn't seem like chores to them!

And, of course, after all that hard work of cleaning up the messes on the table, chairs and themselves with the hose.... it proved to be too great a temptation for the kids. They just couldn't help but to spray each other down with the hose, too. And they loved it!

And what better way to finish off this fun day than to eat pizza on their newly cleaned table and chairs?

Of course, when all those little wet feet came inside and walked across my freshly mopped floor... I was a little flustered.

But, they had so much fun... and I still had my mop water out.... so I just mopped it all up again.

All in all, it was still one fun, fun, sunny day! :o)


Misty Burns said...

that was so cute!! that looked liked so much fun!!! hannah looks just like jay!! uhh..ya ever heard of something called "little swimmers?" hannah looks like she could use her pull up as a floating device. hahaha. just kidding

The growing Adkinson family said...

Looks like fun, must be nice to still be in swim suits. :) The kids always love to mess up a clean floor. I always keep the mop out till its dry, my kids always say they want to make feet prints. :) hey can u come clean my house? :)

RichFam said...

Well, we weren't going to swim in the pool. And while Little Swimmers are great for keeping "little poops" out of the pool, they are not so great at keeping the pee pee from running down the leg. I much preferred using my trusty Pampers Cruisers and saving myself the trouble of cleaning up any other unnecessary messes...
I had plenty of other things to spray down and sanitize as it was! ha ha. :o)

Misty Burns said...

Oh i love my little swimmers. btw..elijah did have a really cool bowling birthday party...and you know me "mom of the year" forgot her really cool new camera!! agh!!! i would forget my head if it was not screwed onto my body! hahaha

Juliette said...

I am so jealous! Look at the wonderful swimming pool and the fact the kids are still in swimming suits? It is getting cold here and forget the swimwear pretty much all year round except for those few weeks in July. Looked like a great day! The kids are growing up too fast.