Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update on Pat

This is Tuesday. On Monday morning, we were told that they were going to intebate her, so she would be on a ventilator to help her breathe. They were also planning to do dialysis in an attempt to clean out the toxins from her body. Things were looking pretty bleak.

Jay and I decided rather quickly to pack everyone up and make the 13 hour drive to KY to see her. We arrived around 10:30PM KY time, which is 11:30PM FL time! We were pretty exhausted, but we made it in one piece! And the kids did amazingly well, being stuck in the car for so long!

Realization struck about how serious Pat's situation was when the doctors were suggesting that all of her family come to see her. So, all of Jay's sisters decided to come, too. It has been several years since all 5 of the siblings have been together in one place! So, in that respect, it will be nice to see everyone.

We got word when we arrived late last night that Pat's blood pressure has begun to climb back towards a healthy level. It is still very low right now, though. And, one of her lungs is now working at all, so that is not good news. But, the doctors are a tiny bit more optimistic about her condition than they were yesterday morning. And they have postponed the intebation for now.

We will continue to keep everyone updated via this blog whenever we have a chance to post to it.

Thank you for your continued prayers and petitions on her behalf.

In Christ,


Bronie said...

thanks for the update... still praying.

Misty Burns said...

we will definitely keep you in our prayers. I have been so busy that I have not been able to blog much. I just read yours today...and will be praying. keep us posted.