Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prayers Needed

We received a phone call early this morning that Jay's mom was in the hospital after having a hard time breathing with a virus she had gotten. The updates we have received throughout the day tell us that things have gotten drastically worse.

She was transferred to the Critical Care Unit, with a severe case of pneumonia. She is having to be on oxygen and is having a very difficult time breathing. Her blood pressure has dropped to a ridiculously low 70/30.

The doctors suspect that due to her low blood pressure level and her elevated white blood cell count, she is likely suffering from more than just pneumonia, but they have yet to figure out what else it is that is ailing her.

The doctors were unable to get an IV line in her, so they had to get a surgeon to surgically put a line into an artery in her neck.

Just a few minutes ago we got word that she is being transferred to another hospital, where she can hopefully get care more specific to her needs.

Jay and I are playing the "waiting game" while we try to decide what course of action we need to take. I will try to keep you all updated as we get word of any changes in her condition.

But right now we would really appreciate and covet your earnest prayers on her behalf.

In Christ,

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Bronie said...

we'll pray. keep us posted.